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How Green is the Aviation Industry?


From eco-friendly airports and airliners to innovative NextGen programs, here are a few ways that the aviation industry is trying to do its part.

Aviation & the Environment
Aviation & Aerospace Spotlight10

Aircraft Weight Classifications: Heavy, Large and Small

Aircraft are described as "heavy" or "large" in the aviation world. Here's what air traffic controllers and pilots really mean when they use these terms.

Flight Instructing: Not As Bad as You Think

Being a flight instructor isn't as bad as people say it is. Here's why!

5 Totally Free Ways to Build Flight Time

Building flight hours is an essential part of becoming a professional pilot. Here are a few suggestions for building flight hours without spending another dime.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Military Flying

Military aviation is a challenging and rewarding career field, and one that will easily prepare a young pilot for a future career as an airline pilot. Is the military for you?

The Role of a Safety Pilot

Safety pilots are necessary crew members when another pilot operates under simulated instrument conditions. They're there for - you guessed it - safety, to be the eyes and ears for the pilot flying while he's "under the hood."

From Private Pilot to Airline Pilot, and Everything in Between

The path from private pilot to airline pilot, including what certificates and ratings are required and how low-time pilots build enough flight hours for the airlines.

11 More Ways for Pilots to Build Flight Time

11 more time-building options for low time pilots who want to gain flight hours and experience.

10 Ways Pilots Can Build Flight Time

10 time-building ideas for low-time professional pilots looking to gain hours and experience.

Your Private Pilot Check Ride: What to Expect

You've worked hard to get to this point. You've completed countless takeoffs and landings, soloed for the first time, experienced the beauty of cross country flights and night flights. The only thing left is the check ride. Here's what you can expect.

What are FARs?

A description of FARs, including a list of common FARs for pilots, mechanics and airport workers.

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