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Company Profile: Conklin & de Decker



Conklin & de Decker is an industry leader in providing aviation consultation services and products to government and business aviation customers. The company began in 1984 and currently has office locations in Arizona, Massachusetts, and Texas.

Conklin & de Decker specializes in aircraft management information and tools. The company holds seminars and produces materials concerning aircraft ownership, financial management of aircraft and helicopters, aviation maintenance management, aviation research and aircraft tax guidelines.


Services provided by Conklin & de Decker include private, business and government aviation consultation, which includes fleet planning, operations management and financial planning. They also conduct seminars and courses having to do with these topics.


Conklin & de Decker produces educational material, articles and software to help educate the private and business communities about aircraft ownership. Some of the software programs created and published include Aircraft Cost Evaluator, Life Cycle Cost, Aircraft Acquisition Planning Guide, State Tax Guide and Single Aircraft Reports.

Many industry executives, business owners and flight department managers have found Conklin & de Decker’s resources useful, and many have relied upon the software programs to run their aviation departments over the years.

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