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Aircraft Profile: Gulfstream G280


Farther and Faster:

After making its debut at EBACE 2012, the large-cabin, mid-range Gulfstream G280 is expected to deliver more than promised to its first customers in late 2012. The aircraft's testing results have shown a longer range and quicker speeds than originally expected due to its high-speed wing and powerful (yet quiet) engines. The G280 will carry four people (plus two crewmembers) farther and quicker than other aircraft in the same class. And with a takeoff distance of only 4,750 feet at maximum takeoff weight, customers will have the option to land on shorter runways without sacrificing range.


$24-25 Million (2012)


  • Oct 2008: G280 introduced, initially named the G250
  • Dec 2009: First test flight completed
  • Mar 2010: Second aircraft entered test program
  • Jun 2010: Third aircraft entered test program
  • Oct 2010: G280 debuted at NBAA
  • Jun 2011: G250 renamed G280 after a sensitivity issue arises with international customers
  • Oct 2011: Gulfstream confirmed the G280 exceeds performance expectations
  • Mar 2012: Provisional type certificate from FAA
  • Mid-2012: Full type certification expected
  • Late 2012: Expected entry into service


  • Up to 10 passengers
  • Aft Lavatory
  • 3 floor plans
  • Entertainment System, including dual Blu-Ray players and HD LCD TV
  • Iridium SATCOM system with optional high-speed internet
  • Cabin height: 6 ft 3 in
  • 19 windows for extra light


  • Long-Range Cruise: Mach .80
  • Max Mach Number: Mach .85
  • Max Range @ LRC: 3,600 nm
  • Max Range @ Normal Cruise: 2,900 nm
  • Takeoff Distance (Max Takeoff Weight, Sea Level, Standard Conditions): 4750 ft
  • Max Cruise Altitude: 45,000 ft
  • Max Takeoff Weight: 39,600 lb
  • Max Landing Weight: 32,700 lb
  • Payload: 4050 lb
  • Payload with max fuel: 1000 lb
  • Total baggage volume: 154 cubic feet


  • Engines: Honeywell HTF7250G (2)
  • Thrust: 7,445 lb
  • Avionics: Gulfstream PlaneView280
  • Dual FMS
  • Dual S-AHRS
  • Two VHF nav systems
  • Three VHF comm systems
  • Dual auto-throttle


  • EVS (Enhanced Vision System)
  • Heads-Up Display
  • LCD Monitors
  • Intercontinental Package, with extra HF radio, radio altimeter, ADF, datalink, and IRS
  • Crystal flatware and china fitted for the aircraft
  • Jumpseat
  • Tail camera
  • XM weather and XM radio
  • High-speed internet service


Asia Jet ordered one G280 in October 2010.

After setting a couple of speed records during the flight to Geneva Switzerland, the G280 was presented at EBACE 2012 alongside its big brother, the G650. Gulfstream is set to receive final certifications for both aircraft in 2012, and the company expects to complete the first delivery of the G280 in late 2012.

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