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Non-Flying Professionals

News and information for the non-flying professionals who are the backbone of aviation and aerospace. A valuable resource for all of the non-flying men and women in the industry.
  1. Airport Workers (7)
  2. Aviation Enthusiasts (4)
  3. Flight Attendants (4)
  4. Ground Crew (5)
  5. Management and Administration (24)

Top 12 Gift Ideas for Aviation Enthusiasts
If you need gift ideas for an aviation enthusiast, look no further. The good news is that aviation enthusiasts usually aren't picky about their gifts. A true avgeek will probably like anything aviation related. Here are a few ideas with a wide price range to get you started:

Fantastic Aviation Finds on Etsy.com
The WWII radial piston iphone dock makes a great gift for a pilot or aviation enthusiast.

A Complete Guide to Aviation Gifts
Here's an entire gift guide for various types of aviation fans. Here, you'll find over 50 aviation gift ideas for flight instructors, airline pilots, aircraft owners and even the plain old aviation enthusiast!

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